All resort services are available exclusively at our Kaka’ako location. These requirements must be current and up-to-date for any reservation. We are a veterinary supervised facility, and all dog guests will need to meet the following requirements for Grooming, Day Care, and/or Boarding:

Intake exam (excludes costs of vaccines, tests, labwork)

• Physical exam with our veterinarian to be done at time of initial appointment ($31)

• Must be completed prior to grooming appointment, joining day care, or boarding stay – at least 1 week prior to date of Resort Service

Behavioral Assessment

• A temperament evaluation to check interaction with humans & other dogs ($48)

• Resort Services are not available to pets who do not pass our Behavioral Assessment

Current on heartworm and flea preventatives

• Proof of purchase with date

3 YEAR DAPP VACCINES (every 3 years)

• Distemper (virus that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal, nervous system)

• Adenovirus (Hepatitis – inflammation of the liver)

• Parvovirus (highly contagious virus, gastrointestinal)

• Parainfluenza (respiratory virus that can cause kennel cough)


• Leptospirosis (disease caused by bacteria that live in the water, wet soil)

• Canine Influenza (contagious dog flu)

• Negative heart worm test (parasitic worm spread by mosquitos)

6 MONTHS VACCINE/TESTS (once per 6 months)

• Bordetella vaccine (most common bacterial agent that causes kennel cough)

• Negative fecal test (for roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, and Giardia [parasite that causes diarrhea])