Pamper Your Pup

Whether your pet needs a thorough bath, a brand-new cut, or a pedicure, we have grooming services that suit their needs and your preferences. More than offering dog grooming - we deliver a spa-like experience that treats your pet’s body as well as their mind.

Baths + Cuts (pricing based on Small-sized dog)

$70 Bath + Blowout

Includes our Alii Signature Lilikoi Pineapple Shampoo, a sugar scrub on the paw pads, elbows, and nose, and a fur blowout. Pricing varies based on dog size:

  • Small: $70
  • Medium: $75
  • Large: $85
$88 Bath, Blowout, Cut, + Nail Trim

Includes the shampoo, sugar scrub, and fur blowout from the Bath + Blowout and a breed-specific cut. Pricing varies based on dog size and fur length:

  • Small: $88
  • Medium: $88- $110
  • Large: $98 – $120
  • Extra-Large: $200+

Grooming Add-ons

$67 Rose + Sea Salt Facial

A deep cleaning, soothing, antioxidant treatment scrub with rose, Hawaiian Sea Salt, and Oatmeal.

$32 Pawdicure Polish

Keep your dog’s nails trimmed and manicured with a pedicure and nail polish on all 4 paws.

Our signature alii spa products
All natural, made in Hawaii
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
    Lilikoi Pineapple scented shampoo and conditioner, great for soft, smooth fur.
  • Anti-Itch Shampoo
    Itch relief for your pup.
  • Natural Balm
    Good for hydrating dry noses, paw pads, elbows, and more.
  • Natural Bug Repellent
    Safe for use on both your pup and your human family.
  • Paw, Nose & Elbow Scrub
    Fine grain Hawaiian cane sugar gently polishes skin without leaving an oily residue. Natural anti-bacterial cleanser with glycerin and coconut oil.

Our Resort Staff

Matt Malta

Owner & Resort Director

Shawna Lee

Patient Services Manager

Veterinarian technician Joe-Lynn smiling.
Joe-Lynn Carter

Veterinary Assistant

Veterinarian technician Kollin smiling.
Kollin Johnson

Veterinary Assistant

Our Doctors

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Dr. Joanna Cook, Owner & Medical Director, smiling.
Dr. Joanna Cook

Owner & Medical Director

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Dr. Judy Yasunaga