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Living Their Best Life with Pet Wellness Care

Living Their Best Life with Pet Wellness Care

Preventive care is a broad topic. It covers your pet’s physical health, parasite prevention, nutrition, vaccinations, oral hygiene, and more. The main purpose of preventive care is to keep your pet healthy at every age, maximizing their quantity and quality of life. At Ali’i Animal Hospital, we take a total health approach to pet wellness care so they can live their best life.

Take Charge of Your Pet’s Continued Well-Being

Pet Wellness Care in Kaka'ako: Smiling Dog

What We Cover in a Wellness Exam

Our wellness exams are comprehensive. We take the time to not only perform all the appropriate exams and diagnostics for your pet but also talk to you about any concerns you have for their health. Wellness exams will evolve over time to meet your aging pets changing needs. A wellness exam covers:

  • A gentle, yet thorough physical exam
  • Vaccinations, if your pet is due for boosters
  • A discussion of parasite prevention and refilling your prescription if needed
  • Fecal exam to check for intestinal parasites
  • Age-appropriate diagnostic tests such as blood tests, a heartworm test, or urinalysis
  • Nutrition/weight management
  • Discussion with you about any concerns you have

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Common Conditions in Our Area

Hawaiʻi is unique in so many wonderful ways—and so many dangerous ways. Our pets are vulnerable to some not-so-common problems. These include:


Bufo Toads

Toads that secrete a toxic substance when stressed (like when your dog bounds over to investigate it). Keep your dog leashed near streams and ponds where these toads live.


Fleas and Ticks

We can’t recommend year-long parasite prevention enough. These pests are active all year long and can cause more than just annoyance—they can transmit disease.



This deadly virus can easily survive in a warm environment, waiting for its next victim to pass by. Vaccination can eliminate this risk.


Ingesting sand

Dogs can easily ingest sand as they romp around the beach, whether they mean to or not. Sand solidifies in their stomach, causing serious issues. Keeping them from getting too excited can prevent sand ingestion.



Pets, with their fur coats and inability to sweat, are very susceptible to heatstroke. Brachycephalic (flat-nosed) breeds are even more vulnerable. Limit your pet’s time outdoors on hot days, and always have fresh, cool water available for them.



Mosquitoes, the carriers of heartworms, are active all year round in Hawaii. Luckily, prevention for this parasite is easier than ever with a ProHeart injection which protects your dog for 6 or 12 whole months.

Behavioral Counseling

For pets with more severe behavioral problems, we offer behavioral counseling. Our board-certified veterinary behaviorist visits our hospital on a quarterly basis and we can set up your appointment for her next visit. In addition to seeing patients, she also offers continuing education for vets in our area, talks for pet owners, and more educational events, so follow us on social media for the latest event listings!

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