Keep Your Microchip Information Up to Date

Microchipping your pet is required by law in Hawaii, making it easier to locate your pet should it get lost. But your work isn’t quite done after your pet is microchipped. Making sure your tiny device is registered, up to date, and functioning are essential when it comes to responsible pet parenting. 

When your dog is first microchipped, you’ll need to register your pet’s microchip to give it the best protection. At Alii Animal, we use HomeAgain, so you’ll register your chip in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database. This is how you’ll be contacted if a shelter or clinic finds your pet. Already have a Pet Plan? Great! We’ll maintain your HomeAgain membership so you also get the benefits of special recovery services and a 24-hour medical hotline. 

Just as important is keeping your information up to date. A microchip doesn’t function as a GPS that tracks your pet’s location. It’s an information storage device. So when a shelter or clinic finds your pet, they know the best way to contact you. By updating your contact information every time you move or experience a change, you’re eliminating a massive roadblock that could stand between you and your pet if separated. You can do so by calling HomeAgain at 1 (888) 466-3242 or by visiting the HomeAgain website. 

Lastly, you may want to check that your pet’s microchip is still working. Your HomeAgain chip is made of biocompatible materials that won’t degenerate over time. It should easily last the lifetime of your pet. But if you’re nervous, ask us to scan your pet to verify that your chip is still functioning properly.