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Alii Animal Hospital & Resort in Honolulu

About Us

Alii Animal Hospital and Resort in Honolulu was founded by Dr. Joanna Cook and Matt Malta on the value of imi ola, which means “to seek life’s highest form.” This vision translates to providing unparalleled veterinary care to dogs and cats of Honolulu, helping them to live their best lives.

Alii Animal Resort

Alii Animal Hospital and Resort in Honolulu offers relaxing boarding, daycare, and grooming experiences, all under the watchful eye of our veterinarians and medically-trained staff.

Fear Free Certified Professionals

We designed every aspect of our practice to put you and your pet at ease from the moment you walk through the door. Our staff and facility are Fear Free certified to reduce your dog’s or cat’s fear and anxiety. This helps create a more relaxing and productive visit for them, us, and you! When blood work is necessary, results are more accurate with a stress-free pet so we can get your pet the care they need.

Cat Friendly Practice

Cats can be uncooperative at veterinary visits. Unfamiliar sights and sounds of an animal hospital can create anxiety for our feline friends. To reduce your kitty’s stress, we built our animal hospital with cats in mind from the ground up. We’re a certified Cat Friendly Practice, which means we use cat-friendly techniques to help your kitty feel right at home. These include:

  • Special training for staff to identify signs of distress and illness in cats
  • Use of pheromones to create a calming environment for cats
  • Low-stress handling to reduce anxiety
  • Separate waiting and exam rooms for cats
  • Tips for cat owners to reduce the stress of their cat’s journey to the vet (please ask us how we can help you!)

Interested in learning more about Alii Animal Hospital? Visit to experience it all for yourself. Call (808) 234-3441 to schedule a tour of our hospital and resort, or dive right in and make an appointment for your pet online.

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